Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Painted Lace Tile and Lamp Project

Back to being crafty...

In this month's Martha Stewart Living magazine, they had this project with lace, tile and spray paint. Coincidentally, I've been wanting to try a spray paint project (Really, I have. Is that weird?). And this one was a very pretty project. I did it and it came out awesome! Just like Martha said it would...


4x4 white tile squares ($0.19 at Home Depot)
Spray paint (I used a Champagne color also from Home Depot)
Lace trim ($2.59 a yard at Joanne's Fabric Store)
Spray adhesive (any kind will do)
Cork or felt


Cover the area you will spray paint on with craft paper or newspaper. Lay out your tiles in four separate areas so you don't over-spray the paint. Cut a piece of lace just slightly bigger than the width of the tile and stick it to the tile with spray adhesive. Make sure it's straight and has no bumps or wrinkles. Spray the tile with your paint color in even strokes. Immediately remove lace from tile. Let dry for 1 hr or whatever your spray paint says. Repeat with your other tiles. Line the bottom of the tile with cork or felt to protect surfaces. Use as a trivet for hot pots or coasters for drinks!

Just to be an overachiever, I had an Ikea lamp shade that was pretty uninteresting, so I did the same thing with it! Lace, spray adhesive, lamp shade, spray paint... ta da!!!! Pretty cute, if I say so myself.

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